Dr. Myron Biernat, D.O., D.C., Ch.D., is the founder of Herbal Care NZ Ltd. and New Zealand Herbal Equine Laboratories and has spent the past 25 years developing these natural products. His experience and expertise is well respected within the industry, having consulted to some of the leading international body care corporations.

His specialty understanding in the qualities of Herbs is recognized in his position in being the Consultant to Shahnaz Herbal Group, and as Technical Herbal Director for Herbal Bliss U.K.

He is also a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association , Academy of Chinese and American Medicine. He is a member of the I.A.S. , the New Zealand Institute of Acupuncture and the Spinal Research Foundation of Australia.

Currently Dr. Biernat is working with "The Hair Clinic - Naturally" where his treatments are being used on patients with problem hair conditions.

Dr. Biernat is a fully qualified Osteopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist.

He is also the Author of at least 3 books on Herbs and Healing:

The Secret Energy of Herbs: A facinating book that takes you not only into the world of herbs, but also demonstrates the unique vibrational energy of organic herbs and their family. A universe waiting to be explored. A must for those who wish to go on a voyage of discovery.

Herbs for Horses: A truely well presented and informative book for those who wish to understand herbs and their relationship to Equine health.

Equine Health Well Being and the Synaptic Therapy Influence: A book of exiting interest to those who wish to understand the health and well being in terms of energy levels and transference. A truely scientific thesis presented in laymans terms, in an exiting and informative way.

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