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What is so unique about Herbal Equine Laboratories?

Herbal Equine Excellence products are totally unique to the Equine market.

Herbal Equine Excellence products are manufactured by a Totally Natural, Unique, Patented, Herbal Extraction Process. This Unique Herbal Extraction Process was discovered and developed by Dr Myron Biernat (DC., DO., Chd., Dip Acup.). Not only is the full herbal potency preserved, but it is accomplished without heat, etc. So gentle but so powerful is the process, that Enzymes, Vitamins, Colloidal Minerals, Asparatates, Oratates, Antioxidants, etc., are extracted without damage, so that the whole family of ingredients are available in an easily assimilated form for the body's use. All the products are in liquid form, as it is an established fact that the body is better able to make use of liquid extracts. It is very important for the well being of the body that specific herbal extracts. It is very important for the well being of the body that specific herbal extracts are accompanied by their family groups, this enables the herbs not only to have tremendous efficacious properties, but also ensures the safety of such products.

All the products contain a multiple of Antioxidants and Free Radical Scavengers. Free Radicals are those substances that create disharmony within the cell and because of this they influence other cells in this manner and so on. The end result can be a body with a large number of cells not performing the function they were designed to do, with results that can be disastrous.

Herbal Equine Excellence's Herbal Extraction process not only ensures that herbal extraction has the ability to mop up the free radicals, but also ensures that the cell has the best possible chance of staying balanced and preventing the Free Radical syndrome. Herbal Equine Excellence products have been assessed by independent life force physicians who state the products have tremendous vibrancy.

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