Dear Sir,

Over the past few years my hair was thinning conciderably, so much so, that I had to buy a wig to wear, this distressed me a lot. I was introduced to Absalom Hair Care , over a period of using Absalom I have discarded the wig and my hair has thickened and is in much better condition.

Sheila Phillips

Dear Sirs,

I wish to purchase further supplies of your Absalom Hair Care Lotion. I have been very impressed with the results of Absalom and wish to continue it's daily use.

Richard Parkinson

Dear Sir,

I wrote and explained that I brought one bottle of Absalom Hair Care some time ago, after reading recommendations from Dame Barbara Cartland. I most certainly agree it is an excellent product and I desire purchasing another three bottles. Would be most grateful if you would treat my request as urgent.

Mrs. S.B. Pearson

To whom it may concern,

I recently acquired, from a friend, a bottle of your Absalom Hair Care product and I thought he was trying to pull my leg, that is until I tried it. I couldn't believe the difference, it's like my hair was born again and given another life.........better than any shampoos and conditioners I have used in the past , and I thank you for that.

I Have used one bottle of Absalom, and would like to purchase another, it is making my hair thicker and fine hair growing where balding. I thoroughly recommend it. - G W Bradley

I have used this product for four and a half months - very good. Hair better condition, thicker & more manageable. I am a 63 year old woman with fine hair. - E J Houston

My hair is in general good condition but going very grey and I was looking for a product to reverse the greying, but did not want to use a colour rinse. Since using Absalom my hair already shows signs of lustrous health & thickening. - Frank Winter

I have only used your product for 2 weeks, and I'm very pleased with it, already the texture of my hair has improved a great deal. - Miss L Sharp

Please send me another two bottle of Absalom. It is the beast product, by far, that I have ever used on my hair and scalp! - M Hesketh

I was first introduced to your hair treatment 'Absalom' at the age of seventy two. At that time, my hair, which when I was young was black and healthy, had become snow white, soft and was quite thin. Now, in my seventy fourth year, having regularly used 'Absalom' I have a respectable growth of vigorous 'pepper and salt' hair, which is still darkening in colour. It is quite amazing - not to mention gratifying. - W. Pendreigh

Further to our conversation today, I would like to tell you that in the past I have used two other Hair Growth Products. Each one, I consider I gave a fair trial, something like a year or more to each product, but nothien likr the results I have has from using Absalom. I commenced using Absalom on the 2/7/97 and know that I have hair growing. The wave I used to have on top us now back. It makes me feel good. Thank you very much for your product. - Alison Williamson

My hairdresser tells me there is a definite improvement in my hair which is very fine & 85 years old!! Thank you so much. - J Bailey

My hair looks good. I have had it (used Absalom) for about 1 to 2 years. I am 84 years old. - Mrs A K Moratti

I enjoy using your product (Absalom) (well my hair does). Doesn't need washing every few days & Absalom livens it up & the grey is not so noticeable. I have used Absalom for 2 years now. Good product, look forward revceving some more Absalom for the same amount. - Mrs E J Houston

I would be very grateful if you will be so kind as to send me another box of your product - Absalom please. I has been very helful, and I am grateful. With many thanks. - G M Blazer

I would like to place another order of Absalom for my husband, this is his 5th order of Absalom & we are delighted with the results. Yours kindly - Mrs M L Carlson

Since taking your Herbal product Absalom this product has made me a new person. My hair is shiny and thick. I haven't got a bald patch on top, and it is growing longer.

Two years ago I suffered a very stressful period in my life; this played havoc to my hair. A hairdresser encouraged me to colour it. After that I had several colourings, then I noticed it started thinning out, through over bleaching it was destroying the natural colour. Out of fear and desperation, I started using Absalom. As the damage was overall I used also Hair Boost. After using these product for five months I am delighted to say my natural colour is returning. The improvement on the condition is immense, and there is a definite regrowth. I now believe in miracles. - Diane Brokenshire

I have almost used all the Absalom, and in the last 2 weeks have noticed a small improvement in my alopecia. I have finished all the drops you included. I wish to continue the treatment. - Margaret Hendren

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