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"Osteopath Works Oracle" "Val has every reason to smile" "Man Alive, it's Mann a Rook back for more"

Mann A Rook was treated by myself (Dr. Myron Biernat) with Herbal / Mineral remedies produced by Herbal Equine Laboratories, according to my formulation and using our unique method of extraction. Mann A Rook had been written off with a Suspensory Ligament injury, and was thought to be never able to race again. I knew Mann A Rook had a good probability of racing again if Val would administer the herbal remedies as directed, which she did so.

It is wonderful to see such a great horse race again, and to see it win it's first race up is very satisfying. Because of the nature of it's injury, Mann A Rook will continue to receive herbal medication. It goes to show the marvelous potential of herbal remedies if produced with the correct know how and method. Since this Mann-A-Rook has won the 2000m Gore Cup on the 20/10/00.

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