Canine Devil's Relief - Pain Free Relief

Canine Devilís Relief encourages the bodyís response to pain without side effects

It is a fact of life that dogs do get hurt and suffer pain for various reasons. Therefore, we recommend you purchase Canine Devil's Relief for your First Aid Kit now and be prepared for such mishaps

Canine Devil's Relief contains safe natural medicinal FDA Approved organic quality herbs and contains NO prohibited substances. Produced by a unique patented method


Extracts of Capsicum, Comfrey, Tea Tree, Camphor, Aniseed, Golden Rod, Fennel, Spearment, Vit E, Kanuka, Marshmellow & Milk Thistle. Includes a full range of Colloidal Minerals, Antioxidants, Asparatates & Oratates.

130 ml Bottle - Super Concentrate

Canine Devil's Relief - $35.00 USD
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