To whom it may concern, Dame Barbara Cartland, aged 93 years young, the worlds best selling romantic novelist, fully endorses Dr Myron Biernat's products and stated that within 6 weeks it was wonderful for the elimination of fine lines, leaving the complexion as if one were growing younger. Dame Barbara Cartland, D.B.E., D.St.J.

Dear Sir, I am writing to tell you how much better my skin has been since using your products. For years I have been using other products, but since I changed to your skin care my skin has been so much better. The change has been quite noticable as some of my friends have remarked upon it. H.T.

My doctor has remarked that my skin looks so much better than it used to. O.A.O.

My skin feels soft and refreshed. It removes makeup without leaving a greasy film over my face and neck which has been a problem for me. Believe me, I have tried most products on the market. S.C.

I have personally used your skin softening 'anti-wrinkle' lotion and found that it does work when used regularly. Thin skin lotion softens fine lines and stimulates the skin making it appear more youthful. S.B.

I use your skin care every day and it makes my skin feel nice and clean M.L.

For Best Results We Reccomend the three month course.

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