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"In nearly 25 years as a consulting agronomist I have never seen one product affect so many areas in the growing process. In working with the HA technology (Hydrogen Activator) during the last year, I have seen firsthand a clear demonstration of a broad range of benefits. These benefits include enhanced soil development, significant reduction of chemical input, improved plant health, higher yields, more efficient water use (33% reduction) - all working together to lower costs and improve ROI to the farmer. The statements and conclusions I have come are not secondhand, but are the result of firsthand observation, investigation, and testing in the field (strawberry fields near Watsonville, CA)."

"New, innovative technologies are needed in answer to the continued and escalating restrictions on use of fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. I have seen the HA technology by Allgone LLC increase yield, limit damage to soil and plant, with lowered consequent impact to aquifers and watershed due to runoff. I believe HA will yield a new ability to comply with growing regulations with increased profitability for the farmer. A truly win-win situation for all."

"I have observed the following benefits firsthand by direct observation on a specific strawberry field I that had some sections irrigated with HA treated water and other sections without treated water; I am convinced the results and benefits I saw here will transfer to other crops."

Improved Production Yield
"Yield increase was just under 15% when I compared HA treated versus untreated plots of same field of strawberries. This improvement seemed to increase with the season despite HA treatment not beginning at beginning of season - which would have resulted on even more benefits, I believe."

Better Soil Nutrient Levels
"Despite lowering fertilizer input to 50% in the treated plot, I found the beneficial nutrients in the soil were higher than in the untreated control area. Based on my research and observations, I fertilizer input can be reduced by up to 75% should HA water be used prior to planting and throughout the season."

Soil Conditioning
"With use of HA treated water, I found that the treated soil developed a loam like appearance. Water drained better, reducing standing water and damage to fruit. I found through testing that salts were being driven below the root zone while roots were able to access existing soil nutrients and efficiently absorb applied nutrients."

Water Reduction
"In the strawberry test field, irrigation was reduced from three days per week to two (33%) with NO reduction in yield or plant quality. After careful observation of effects of HA water treatment in this field, I believe water can be reduced by up to 50%."

Mr. London has a Masters in Plant Science and has done independent consulting, as a respected agronomist, and has worked both with growers and fertilizer manufacturers over the last 25 years. Also a Pest Control Advisor, Certified Crop Advisor, and Food Safety - Organic and Sustainable Farm Supervisor, Mr. London has a deep grasp on both the science and application of progressive farming methods. After working with the HA technology over the last year, he offers this testimonial based upon his direct observation and testing.

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