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Water (H2O) has been described as the “Liquid of Life”. It is the foundation for all living things on earth. Water acts as a medium in which organic compounds can mix with one another. The more efficient the mix, the greater the intended result. Ceramic ore technology enables that more efficient mix, however, it is much more than just a water re-structuring medium as it has an energetic and positive effect on all living organisms. What we know about life and the universe is that everything is controlled through electromagnetics and that all organisms function through the process of electro-chemical transmissions and responses. The more harmonious and resonant the frequencies the better the health and wellbeing of the organism. The medium that facilitates this process of conductivity is water.

The scientific paper titled “The Structure of Water Induced by Specific Ceramics Treatment and Effects of Treated Water in View of Some Biological Aspects” by Kazuishi Sato at Tokushima Bunri University, addresses the principle of molecular restructuring via ceramic ore technology. CLICK HERE

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