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Welcome to Our Range of Super Concentrate Products
Including a full range of Colloidal Minerals, Asparates, Oratates & Antioxidants. All our Products contain NO Prohibited Substances
and are suitable for Showing, Racing, Eventing etc.

We Guarantee it!!

Our Guarantee To You

Due to the quality and efficacy of the Herbs, ingredients may change from time to time.

Canine Calm Down
Calm Down is a really gentle safe relaxant that has the ability to relax without under performance. It enables the uptight Canine to achieve it's optimum performance level. More Info

Canine Devil's Relief - Pain Free
Devil's Relief - Pain Free has the ability to relieve pain in a totally safe natural way, without side effects. More Info

Herbal Canine Flamm-Out cream is an amazing breakthrough. A completely natural, safe herbal product for sprains, muscular injuries, cartilage trouble, etc. More Info

Canine Freedom Herbal Flexi Joint
Freedom Herbal Flexi Joint promotes free flowing, natural, fluid joint movement. More Info

Immune Booster
Immune Booster is a natural immunity booster, which has obtained tremendous results. More Info

Muscle Builder
Muscle Builder has the ability to help Muscle growth with the inclusion of natural safe plant hormones that have an anabolic effect - especially loved by yearlings! More Info

Triple-S TYE UP
The problem of tye up has plagued Canines for many years, up until now no product has successfully and consistently addressed the issue. The benefits of Triple-S TYE UP is greater energy, stronger bones, greater joint mobility, firmer muscles, toning & cleansing of all major organs plus lymphatic enhancer, as well as prevention & efficient dispersion of Lactic Acid build up, therefore overcoming muscle inhibition. Free TYE UP manual available upon request. More Info

Worm Gone
Herbal Canine Worm Gone encourages growth of good bacteria which is necessary to maintain optimum health. More Info

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