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Immune Booster

Immune Booster is a natural immunity booster, which has obtained tremendous results. Antibiotic contains safe natural medicinal FDA Approved quality herbs. Immune Booster contains NO prohibited substances.

Immune Booster is made by a unique patented extraction method. Immune Booster is supplied in 16fl.oz/500ml bottles and is Super Concentrate, all that is required is 10mls daily orally. Normally a 1 bottle course is sufficient.

All Formulations are produced by Dr. Myron Biernat D.C., D.O., Chd., Dip. Acup. & Master Herbalist, with over 25 years experience, not only in Western Herbs, but also in Chinese, Indian & Tibetan Herbs coupled with his expert knowledge of the Equestrian Field. Dr. Myron Biernat has developed a unique method of treatment for the Equestrian Field, known as Synaptic Interaction, producing tremendous results.

1 x 16fl.oz/500ml Bottle lasts approximately between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of your horse or pony.

16fl.oz/500ml Bottle - Super Concentrate.

Imune Booster - $55.00 USD
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Case History 1

Gaping wound to left foreleg (knee). Received two courses of Antibiotic (Drug) with no response. Received two courses of Herbal Equine Laboratories natural Immune Booster resulting in quick and rapid healing of wound.


"Before Treatment""After Treatment"

Owners Comments
"Absolutely amazing."
Shaun McGarry of Coolnamon Stud - NZ with Blue

Case History 2


Infection at wound site plus blood infection. Two courses of Antibiotic (drugs) had failed to improve the condition. A three week course of Herbal Equine Laboratories Immune Booster (10ml administered orally daily) cleared up the infection.

Owner's Comments
"Great Results, I am most grateful." Wynnis McDonald - One of the South Island's Dressage Teachers & International Rider

Case History 3

Three yearlings suffering severe and persistent flu like symptoms with cough, running nose etc.

A three week course of Herbal Equine Laboratories Immune Booster completely cleared up the complaint.

Owner's Comments
"A great thank you to Herbal Equine Laboratories Antibiotic for a true life saver."
Paul Richards - Top Jockey & Horse Owner / Trainer Otago NZ

Case History 4

Galloper with great history and potential, suffering from persistent cough / flu like symptoms. Had tried many courses of Antibiotics (drugs), to no effect. Two courses of Herbal Equine Laboratories Immune Booster enabled to continue racing with good results.

Owner's Comments
"Herbal Equine Laboratories Antibiotic has had incredible results with my racing stable."
Val Christopher - Owner / Trainer NZ.

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