R A C H E L 'S

Rachel is a 16 year old teen, who, when she was 14 years old, suffered from an embarrassing condition. She started to lose her hair. For a person of any age to lose their hair is a worrying time for them, let alone a teenager who is going through the emotional stresses of teenage life. The cause of this condition can range from emotional, psoriasis, environmental, products used on the hair i.e., lacquer, dyes, blow-drying etc., this is what Rachel has to say about her condition.

"At the age of 14 I was suffering from hair loss, this was very embarrassing for me as I was losing it right down the middle through my parting, it was very easy to see, as my parting kept getting larger!! I was advised to use Absalom & WOW what a great result! It did not take long for my hair to start growing back, I was (and still am) very very happy & thankful to see the results I got in such a short time. Not only did my hair grow back, but the condition is incredible! My hair is still growing vigorously, healthy & strong, I am very thankful for being one of the many people to use Absalom. Absalom has helped me regain my confidence. Anyone who suffers from hairloss & is reading my story will know the embarrassment & lack of confidence from this condition, I hope they have found the encouragement & the solution to their problem, by reading my success story."

As you can see Rachel is once again a very confident teen who enjoys life, knowing that her hair is no longer an embarrassment to her. You too can enjoy life again with out embarrassment & lack of confidence caused by hair loss. As Rachel does, we too want to give you encouragement & not only encouragement but also a healthy, safe & very effective solution. Absalom.

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