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Here's My Story.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rick Debattista. A Thoroughbred Trainer from Toronto Canada. I race horses out of Woodbine and Fort Erie, two reputable race tracks in Canada. At the time I was informed about Equestrian Excellence I was in a bit of a slump, to say the least.

I'm not one to jump on every new product to hit the market, you may even call me somewhat of a sceptic. I've been there and tried that and try to stick to more traditional feed programs and the such. As I said I was a little down and out, just one of those years.

One of my horses had an ailment unidentifiable to any vet. This left him lethargic to say the least. I thought it best to end his career and put him on the farm. There was still no improvement. So, figuring I had nothing to lose, I tried Energy, Muscle Builder, Heart Strengtheners, Performance, and saved the rest until I could see what happened.

Well I was shocked! He turned. Within four weeks I had him back in training, and within 6 weeks he was running again and picking up cheques. His coat shined, he was bright eyed and alert with energy to spare.

After that season I retired him and gave him to some friends of mine as a riding horse. A no stress environment. Just recently I received a call and the same symptoms started to reoccur. I had my Equestrian Friends administer the same product labels and again he turned.

Another foal I had boarded out came back to the farm in a bad state, she was thin, dull, and looked stunted. After a good worming, and check, I was advised to pack the groceries into her. So I did so for a month. She improved but was nothing compared to the rest of the yearlings and she was definitely behind.

After administering Equestrian Excellence I can't call her my biggest foal, but she has seemed to catch up a lot more quickly, and surpasses the rest in energy. So much so I have to administer Equestrian Excellence to the others so they can keep up.

My last incident involved my favourite mare. She was my first real thoroughbred and holds a special spot in my heart. Her problem is that she is so hyperactive. It's close to impossible to keep weight on her. She wasn't able to catch this year. After 6 weeks on Equestrian Excellence, she's quieter, seems more content, less nervous, and is dappled and shining like a wet Ferrari.


     R. Debattista

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